Professional Engineer

With more than a 20 years of construction experience, Richard Clayborn, PE will help you deliver your project on time, on budget, and with the best quality possible. Read more about the Management and Engineering services I provide below or simply give me a call to discuss your unique project in detail.


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You are probably looking to find a qualified and competent Civil Engineering Firm for your project. Rest assured there is no Concrete Steel or Wood design project I cannot help you with. For all your professional service needs contact me

I provide AutoCAD construction drawings, as built drawings, proposal drawings, and sealed civil engineering drawings. I plot these drawings in standard sizes of 8.5"x11", 11"x17", 24"x36" or provide an electronic delivery via PDF for your project. 


In addition to Civil Engnieering I develop custom project managment software, daily inspection reports, vehicle fleet optimization software, and staffing report software. Contact me to help your company grow.

Want to get the best contractors to complete your project for the best price? I will submit your Engineering project details to construction professionals and then score their returned bids. 


I have successfully inspected Heavy Highway DOT construction projects since 2001. I am familiar with INDOT's SiteManager and Change Order process. Contact me for your facilities Project Management, Erosion & Sediment Control Inspection. Sign and Barricade Inspection, Change Order Review, Progress Estimate Review and more. 

Do you have an idea for a project but need a professional to see it through? Contact me to create your project drawings, construction estimate,  permits, inspections, and more. 

If I do not offer the services you need I will gladly refer your project to a trusted professional who does. This includes building trades, lenders, Real Estate Brokers, and more. 

For cost sensitive clients such as governments, churches, and other non profits my low overhead results in lower costs. For private owners I will work to meet or beat any written price estimate for similar services from a Registered Professional Engineer. You can also arrange flexible payment options and PayPal Charge Card payments. 


If you need professional, high resolution, digital photography for construction records I can help. I shoot many projects with my Canon 5d Mark 3 professional camera on a Manfrotto tripod. I can also film time lapse construction  sequences

If you would like to speak to me about your project give me a call or send an email. I can help walk you through the various stages of development from creation to completion. 

I review itemized construction work proposals to ensure they are complete and do not contain gross errors. If your project is within 100 miles of the Louisville, KY area ask about having my Father's company review your estimate or price it himself. 

If your School, Real Estate, Home Inspection Company, Interior Design Firm, or Architecture Firm would like me to speak at an upcoming staff meeting or company outing I would be happy to do so. Simply contact me with your desired topic well in advance as my schedule fills quickly. 


On your project, you likely have a lot of questions and this site is a place to start to find answers. You may have a cracked wall, leaking basement, sagging roof, crumbling retaining wall, ponding water, rotten trusses, rotten floor joists, or need to remove a wall or column. Contact me for help. 

Proper design of new structures include; Site design, Structural Design, Hydraulic Design, Geotechnical Design, Concrete Design, Steel Design, Contract Documents, Permit Drawings, Project Estimation, Bid Review/Letting, and As-Builts drawings. Contact me for help. 

I work with Building Inspectors, Architects, and Contractors to design solutions for the repair of damaged trusses, replacemet of rafters, beams to remove walls, floors for equipment, basement wall repairs, and much more. Contact me for help. 

Document your construction project with Aerial Photography. Already completed your project or in the early planning stages? I will arrange my Commercial Pilot to fly over your site. Simply specify your project's location.


Richard Clayborn, PE provides Civil Engineering services to Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding areas (currently licensed in KY and IN).

Get educated on the topics affecting your structures. Read my research topics on common problems, definitions, and building elements. Click on the Blog tab on this site to read more.

See my recommended sites with links under my FAQ page.

Contact me if you are a licensed Contractor, Architect, Home Inspector, Interior Designer, REALTOR, or Engineer and would like to be pre-screened for future projects.


Take a look back at old photgraphs of model A cars outside public events and you will see what life was like before parking lots were invented. Today you can avoid the same mistake by contacting me to design your lot. 

Many remodelers of older homes wish to open them up by vaulting the ceiling in bedrooms and living rooms. While a great architectural asset, an engineer's seal will be required at the permit office. I will help you get the permit you need for the room you will love.  

In Louisville and Indianapolis I have designed or inspected new retaining walls constructed for railroads, pedestrian crossings, and interstate median barriers. Important considerations are drainage, leveling pads, and backfill. I can share my exerience with you. 

Pole Barns are one of the most often misunderstoood structures in engineering and thus frequently underdesigned. Their light weight and large size tend to test their foundation design. Contact me for your design.


Popular for their lightweight, low cost, and portability for events or agriculture, tension fabric structures are everywhere. Contact me for your tension fabric structure design. 


A common problem for business owners is experienced when purchasing bigger equipment than what existed before. Walls may need to be removed, beams installed, and upgrades to foundations are typical. 


Wood is commonly used in residential construction. Careful calculation and consideration must go into the design to ensure it will last. I can help with wood beams, columns, rafters, trusses, walls, and structures. 


Often a consideration on commercial properties is the overland sheet runoff of the improved site. Typical needed services include detention basins, erosion and sediment control, gravity flow piping, and drive culverts. 

Almost two decades ago in Hardinsburg, KY I helped build what was at that time, the largest free span wood trusses in Kentucky for their Future Farmers of America (FFA) gymnasium. Today, I can design trusses for your project. 


In the City of Louisville commercial building remodels over 10,000 SF typically require an engineer like myself to review the project, determine structural design considerations and seal the permit drawings. With my father's construction company, I can help navigate the permitting process for you.  


I have helped with the construction and/or design of loading docks, bridges, piers, roads, sidewalks, foundations and more. I know when concrete should be rejected for time, common slumps, and issues with concrete such as cracking. Let me help you avoid the mistakes I have seen others make. 


As a pilot myself I know the importance of a properly sized and constructed hangar. Contact me for the design of your next hangar whether it is on your private strip, aero neighborhood, or on public airport authority leased land. 


Similar to the Commercial Building, the industrial building has less consideration of office space and more on equipment and loading docks. I have helped build industrial warehouses for uses ranging from meat packing to steel fabrication. I can design your building to your specific needs. 


Steel is a common material in commercial building projects. I can size your steel columns or steel beams, include weathering steel for corrosion resistance, design steel gusset plates for wood trusses, bolt design, anchor plates, floor or roof bar joists, stay in place deck pans, and more. 


Need a small bridge or culvert?For small spans less than 20 feet, a bridge is actually considered a culvert. I can assist in sizing your culvert and work with precast manufacturers who will deliver your precast culvert ready to install. 


Many times pre-engineered building manufacturers only design the frame or superstructure and the design of the foundation and concrete slab is up to a local engineer like myself. I can help if this is your situation. My father has built pre-engineered buildings for over 30 years.