Richard Clayborn, PE



"Richard is a pleasure to work with, and is consistently responsive to various needs or concerns that I have. His responses are thoughtful, and are often based on some research he has done to find the correct information. I have also been impressed with his ability to automate data collection, especially through Excel spreadsheets. He has created several intuitive spreadsheets that are easy to use, and that convert this data into meaningful results for us. He recently created a program in Excel that helps monitors the progress of our construction projects, and helps to anticipate or explain scheduling and budgetary issues. His professional skills, combined with his timely responses, have made him an asset to this organization."

​M. Mertz, EIT Project Engineer




"Richard is a pleasure to work with. He provides prompt and accurate information when requested. This is particularly important since we are often dealing with time sensitive material. It is obvious he takes great pride in his work."

J. Beck, Construction Project Manager




"One of many aspects that Richard Clayborn excels in is having a great combination of being knowledgeable and showing initiative in many aspects of his work. He has the ability to see problems and find ways to improve them to ultimately help save time and money. He also follows through with his solution by helping to implement it to his coworkers and train them as needed."

C. Anderson, EIT Project Engineer




"Richard is not only a very competent engineer but a great colleague as well.  Richard will rise to meet any challenge and strive to succeed.  He will provide assistance and help to those who need it.  He continually works on improving his own work ethic and performance while making those around him better in the process."

A. Pangallo, P.E. Field Engineer



"I appreciate Richard's enthusiasm, wide-ranging knowledge base, eagerness to learn/apply new things and technologies. He never seems to be satisfied to just have a cursory knowledge of new topics, either. Richard likes to immerse himself in subjects, such that he can speak intelligently on them and have educated opinions about them."


T. Carrow, P.E. Consultanting Engineer



"Richard is a top notch professional. I have never met someone with so much knowledge in so many areas. Richard is known to submerge himself in information just to be more educated on a subject. He has a pure love of becoming more educated. On top of that he is one of the most caring and honest men I have ever met. It is a privilege to work around him."


J. Luellen, Consulting Project Inspector

"In my experience working with Richard, I find him to be very organized and attentive to details.  I find that Richard tries to consider all sides or viewpoints before offering his suggestion or recommendation on a topic.  Richard is prompt and timely when asked for his assistance."

J. Reilman, P.E. Construction Project Manager


"I have worked with Richard Clayborn in some engineering related capacity over the last 14 years. Richard is a very self driven individual as evidenced by obtaining his PE license and climbing the promotion ladder while at INDOT, going from GDP to Project Engineer to Area engineer. Richard has a very strong engineering background along with vast practical field experience gained while managing construction projects for INDOT. Richard has a very good understanding of how to pull and process information in order for multiple groups to benefit from at once which has been very valuable to our organization."


J. Reeves, Project Supervisor



"Richard is highly motivated individual who goes above and beyond his job duties. He is honest, sincere individual and cultivates a sense of achievement around his work."


E. Ibrahim, EIT Project Engineer




"I have known Richard for 3 years and he has been very quick to respond when something is asked of him. He always takes the time to ensure that he is making the best decisions for himself and his clients. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Richard over the last 3 years and I look forward to continue working with him in the future." 



B. Burgin, Banking Assistant Branch Manager




"Richard is a very good engineer with great attention to detail. No task is too great or too small for him. His work is exemplary. He is devoted to his work. When faced with business problems, he has the determination and fortitude to address all aspect of the issue. He is well organized, always meets the date on his deliverables and I have no hesitation in recommending him."


R. Hitz, Project Supervisor 



"I have known Richard for several years and have always found him to be an outstanding engineer. He is very skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. He is also good to work with. He is careful and deliberate." 


J.  McCarty, P.E. Consultanting Engineer