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On this site you will find pictures, videos and other information about me, my military trailers and vehicles, off road 4x4 trips I have taken, and vehicles/parts/trailers I currently have for sale. 


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How I got started selling Military Surplus Vehicles? 

Thank you for visiting my private collection of used Military Vehicles FOR SALE.  


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It all started a few years back in 2012 with a family vacation to Moab Utah to go on an offroad adventure. We would leave Indianapolis IN and meet everyone at a rented luxury home in Moab UT for one week and enjoy daily trail rides on remote trails before heading back to work the following week.


The trip seemed like an adventure and my brother in law had read up on the trails and said it would be a good time.  


Keep in mind I had never been on any serious attempt at offroading other than campgrounds or winter driving in the midwest snow. But my brother in law and father in law had some basic experience on trails around Indiana were taking their new Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds (one Rubicon and one Sahara). My wife and I decided to go along for the family and fun.


At the time we had our 4 year old 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 (below is a picture I took of it at the Indianapolis Oldfields). 
The liberty had been an answer to the FWD car we had before it. That is until the FWD car took a couple of hours to get to the highway one winter morning getting stuck every 20 feet or so. So we then decided we must have a 4x4 SUV when it was time to purchase again which would become the Liberty for my wife's commute as I had a company car. 


The 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 was starting to get high mileage from the 2 Hour each way commutes to our parents houses over the years in addition to the long commutes to Indianapolis. It had spent some time at the dealer for warranty work and we wondered about long term reliability and when a good time would be to sell it.


The more we thought of this awesome vacation trip to Moab coming up and how much fun it might be to actually drive the trails instead of ride along the more we decided it was time to sell the 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited 4x4 and purchase a more rugged and capable vehicle and break it in on our first trip. Especially when my brother in law said we would rip the bumper of on the trails out west due to the low ground clearance. Yikes!


The plan of purchasing a new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon sounded alright until I couldnt find my desired options at any new dealers within 200 miles. With the vacation fast approcahing and commitments at work that would not let me drive 300 miles in the wrong direction we had to see what was available along the vacation route.  So in the end the adventure got even bigger becuase we had to fly out to Salt Lake City UT to pick up what would become our new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlmited Rubicon that we had just negotiated over the phone. After the flight the dealer met us at the airport and drove us to complete our purchase.  


Pictured below is my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4x4 Rubicon. I took this picture just after we got back from the trails in Moab UT at the Indianapolis Oldfields. This vehicle is what led me to my Military Vehicle collection that I have to this day. 

The scenery in UT is amazing. My wife and I travel for pleasure often and have vacationed many times is over 45 states but you owe it to yourself if you have never seen Moab to plan a trip. If you are into offroading you probably already know the area. 


For a new offroader I had no idea how capable these little Wrangler are. They are amazing. You could honestly driver right over a freshly demolished building in the 4x4 low range. Not kidding.


Soon enough we hit the trails with something like 300 miles on the odometer in what would become a very memorable trip. The Top of the world trail is technical, grueling and slow. Especially if you do not want to ruin your brand new vehicle. 


You will climb boulders that are irregular that range from 12-24" in size and irregular angles combined with steep inclines and declines. This is not something for the faint of heart. It turns out this is a MILD trail.


What? How extreme do these things get? Basically I think the extreme is a mountain that one person has been on before. On our trail and the half day it took we never saw another vehicle. 


To give you a better idea. This 6 mile one way trail took over half a day, even though it was only a dozen miles long. I averaged around 3 MPG and we never went as fast as crawling speed. With no real experience it was EXTREME in my book but I would do it again tomorrow if I could.  


You can view a couple of short youtube videos I made on the Top of the World Trail and other trails on the trip in Moab UT with the players below. The parts I filmed were when we were not white nuckling it. So they do not represent the tougher parts of the trail for a new offroader. 


Be sure to take recovery gear and multiple vehicles is a good idea. Start early in the morning. You do not want to get stuck out there in the dark. 

Okay. So if you are still with me so far hang in there are I am about to bring this all back around to my first military surplus item. 


After the great trip on the trails out west, getting back and discovering a few great related internet forums I discovered that many people have been using surplus military trailers for Overland Expeditions. An overland expedition would be similar to our trip out west in that they are typically in very remote wilderness areas offroading like us except they cook, camp, even shower in the trailer and can stay out much longer. 


The idea of a trailer like this excited me because it could have dual purpose. Camping/Offroading adventures and their utilitarian purpose of hauling goods from home centers when not camping. Taxes, registration and purchase price are all better values on a trailer over a truck so I made my mind up that I was going to go out and find a good surplus trailer. 


After a few months of research I discovered the most current sversion of military urplus trailers are the M1101 and M1102 generation. They feature all aluminum superstructure, off road HMMWV run flat tires, a folding tailgate for long lumber and they are perfect for overlanding. They have their own onboard breaking system in the surge brake system. This means there are no electric brakes and naturally no electric brake controller connections needed for brakes to the trailer. You can tow with a Wrangler by only creating an electrical adapter from your flat 4 way pin configuration to the military specifc plug.


There is one catch however. The military uses 24V bulbs and civilian cars use 12V. Your lights will be too dim. So you will need to convert the bulbs if they are not already dual voltage 12V or 24V LED's.   I have a picture showing the replacement 12V bulbs I used on one trailer below. 



M1101 and M1102 Military Humvee Trailers

I am currently out of stock of M1101 and M1102 Trailers for sale. However you can see my general information below

When you purchase these trailers you have to ensure the proper voltage is being supplied to the bulbs. 


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See the images below for the replacement bulbs I used on my M1101 and M1102 trailers. Some trailers have LED marker lights. These need no replacement. They will work fine with your 12V system. Older trailers with regular bulbs will have to be swapped for 12V bulbs available at your hardware store matched up as best as you can by the pin locations.

When I bought my  M1101 and M1102 trailers I knew I wanted to make them into something more useful. Below are two of concept drawings I created.  


One trailer to the left is for overland camping. 


The second trailer to the right is what I call a foreman trailer. It features a ladder rack for long ladders and oversized lumber storage, along with utility boxes for tool storage. 

After looking online for local trailers from individuals and coming up with few results I discovered a local military base in Indianapolis was auctioning off their remaining stock of these very trailers. So I registered and bought at such a great deal I decided to get two trailers. One for me to keep and the other to resell to help offset my cost somewhat. Plus I loved the trailers so much i didnt mind having it around before it sold. These two original trailers we in as near of mint condition as I can possibly describe. 

One thing you have to pay attention to is the tounge being level on the trailer. This is acomplished on the wrangler and many other vehicles with a hitch receiver riser like seen in the image below. To that you will have to attached your pintle hitch. 


Well those first two sold M1101 and M1102 Military surplus trailers sooned turned into several other surplus auction purchases as I began to get more and more requests from new clients to sell them a trailer like their friends had purchased from me. I eventually even sold my first trailer because in 2015 we purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.


Our Wrangler began to experience cylinder head failure at only 32,000 miles. It was in and out of the shop with various problems again under warranty but after our 6th visit I was done. Not kidding, 6 different trips over 4 months for one related engine repair after another. We loved it but something was just not right so the dealer bought it back at the highest private party value and we happily went forward with the Grand Cherokee Overland. We may eventually buy another but moved on for now. 


Pictured below is our 2015 Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 with the advanced tech package and adjustable ride height sitting on my Gatormage trailer. 

At the moment I have no addtional M1101 and M1102 trailers for sale on this website but feel free to contact me below to see if I can source one for you. 


Soon after my last trailer sold the Military began to auction off their oldest non armored M998 HMMWV Humvee's to the public. This was big news. I loved the HMMWV since I first saw them in Desert Storm on TV. Comfortable with my past purchases and success selling the trailers it was a natural progression to try the HMMWV for resale. 


However I could no longer tow these behind my SUV the way I had dont with my trailers. Their weight combined with the deck over trailer weight would quickly exceed my tow capacity. Plus I didn't have a trailer at the time. 


I wound up buying the Gatormade trailer off ebay from the factory in Kentucky. I drove and picked up my trailer on the Friday before the 4th of July weekend. But I needed to add a Warn winch to pull non running vehicles onto the trailer and I had to purchase extra shackles to secure the loads. I also discovered my uncles dually truck combined with my VERY heavy duty equipment trailer gross vehicle weight rating clipped into the CDL weight range by 200 lbs. So I wound up having the manufacturer derate the GVWR rating by 200 lbs on the tongue sticker and all was well. 


Humvee's For Sale, Replacement Information, Armor Information, Parts, and more.

All of the above is just a long of me introducing myself to you. I am simply a regular guy who by day is a Civil Engineer but night and weekend enjoys playing with used surplus Military Equipment I have purchased by auction. 


Currently I have in stock 3 HMMWV's in stock. I just sold my tan CUCV M1028 and my M1101 trailer. I have started restoration on my HMMWV's after selling my CUCV.

My inventory changes so contact me if there is something you need.


I can custom build your truck upon request.


You can contact me directly by calling me at 317-560-4663.


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I have 3 M998 HMMWV Humvee's in stock. My storage lot is located in Louisville KY but I live in Indianapolis IN. Fill out the email box below to get newsletter updates on vehicles I have in stock. 


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I have sold restored and unrestored vehicles. Buying unrestored allows you to get in at the lowest price possible and customize the vehicle to your tastes like upgrading the engine or interior to your preference. All of the images you see on this page are pictures taken by me of my actual vehicles unless noted otherwise. 


Depending on the amount of restoration I have performed  generally speaking my HMMWV vehicles sell between $15,000-$18,000 USD in running condition. Vehicles needing more restoration can be had in non running condition for as little as $12,000.  


I use my uncles low mileage Ram 3500 Dually Cummins Turbo Diesel to pull my HMMWV M998 Humvee and M1008 CUCV's from their former Military Bases to my Louisville KY restoration office. This is a great tow vehicle on its own but when combined with my Gatormade trailer it makes the job easy. Expect to get around 10 MPG at interstate speeds loaded.  


I secure my Humvee's at each tie down corner and additionally at the front and rear bumper. I first secure the chain around the rear bumper and pull forward until it is drawn tight. From there I work my way around until everything else is secure. Then I go around a second time looking for any straps or chains that may have loosened in the process. 


I use a 2015 Gator Made 16'+5' dovetail equipment trailer for hauling my military vehicle purchases such as this Humvee just picked up from Kentucky military base at Ft Campbell. The trailer is a deck over that allows the wide HMMWV to load and unload without worry of hitting the trailer wheels. 


All about CUCV's including my M1028 for sale, restoration tips, and free downloadable window sticker



CUCV For Sale $10,000 / Make Offer

Restoration in Progress



M1028 CUCV

I bought this vehicle from the military base in Wisconsin this fall. It is a clean, good running M1028 1984 Military CUCV. I only have 1 currently in stock.


This vehicle is currently undergoing a complete restoration. New Humvee HMMWV 36" tires, new paint, bed off restoration, painted chasis, new rear shocks, new wipers, turn signal, new headlights, new marker lights, new taillights, fresh painted dash, new dash board, dog head starter relay mod from steel soldiers, 8 new glow plugs, 2 new batteries, 2 new tie down straps, new fuel tank, new fuel water filter, fresh dyed door panels, new LED bulbs in dash. Rear slider window. Power steering. This vehicle will be complete soon and ready for decades of enjoyment. 6.2L diesel engine V8. 4x4.


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Clean clear title in hand straight from the military. Legal to be registered and driven on the street. 


Just over 11,000 original miles.


All of the images on this page are of my actual military vehicles. I am located in Louisville KY but I live in Indianapolis IN and can deliver there if needed. Use the contact form to get the most recent pictures of the vehicle emailed directly to you. 


Fill out the email box to the left to get notification of my current vehicles in stock. 



This CUCV is being painted the new offical color Desert Tan. The official colors of the US Government are all listed under the Federal Standard name brand and are available at Home Depot and other retailers by searching for the color code number and the brand of Federal Standard. 


This M1028 CUCV uses 18" wiper blades. The vehicle came with smaller blades but the 18" blades clear more of the windshield and still clear the windshield rubber moldings. 


The M1028 CUCV is a slightly upgraded M1008 CUCV. It includes better springs and bette front diff. 


Everything I know about my M998 Humvee's for sale, armor plate details, parts for sale links, and alternatives to the HMMWV the military is studying 

M998 HMMWV's for sale from $14,000

$17,890 M998 HMMWV 2 Door Pickup Troop Carrier. Restoration is almost complete, see video below,  contact me for details

I bought this vehicle from the military base at Fort Campbell KY last fall. It is a clean, good running M998 with around 8,000 miles on it.

Note, the top is still being installed in these recent pictures. 

I have used take off parts in stock to convert this to a 4 door if you are seeking a 4 door. 

I have installed a new soft top, new doors, new woodland camo paint, new keyed ignition, new warning stickers, new dash data plates, new seat belts, new rear curtain, new 24v to 12v power adapter for accessories in the cabin, new solargizer battery tender, new cigarette lighter and USB power ports, new parking light len's, new reflectors, new LED light bar, new full back black vinyl seats and seat base. 

For this price point it is one of the best conditioned vehicles I have seen for sale. Many are priced thousands more expensive for less quality and higher mileage.  

This vehicle runs great and starts quickly. 


$17,890 M998 HMMWV 2 Door will be sold with fresh rebuilt 6.5L diesel engine...restoration will start this summer

$11,650 AS-IS or $17,890 with fresh 6.2L diesel engine military crate motor to be installed this summer. This will be a frame off restoration to address brake lines, and engine swap. I will restore it within the next few weeks.  So please contact me to see if restoration is in progress


I have a few used Pelican Cases remaining from this lot I bought in Chicago. Email me for more information. Prices start at $137 

HMMWV Armor Plating Close up details

Here are a few of my armored HMMWV's I have photographed.


I have been thinking of building a mock up door out of plywood or light steel that has this armored look without the expense or weight of the original.


One vehicle I photographed was at a Indiana National Guard Recruiting Event in Bargersville IN. It is the woodland camo 2 door truck version. The second was in the basement of the COBO convention center for the NAIAS better known as the Detroit Auto Show. It too was part of a recruiting event by the reserve units. 


The tan unit had a 600 lb weapon mounted on the roof that was controlled from inside the vehicle behind the driver. The weapon had an effective range of 4 KM and the ammo can stored 400 rounds. The weapon could be fired automatically and deplete all rounds in less than 1 minute, but due to the precision with it is best fifred in semi automatic. This unit is no longer in service but is used for training as solders are using MRAP's for actual battle. The weapon can be controlled remotely via a fiber optic cable. 


I got to control the weapon system and switch from optical to thermal image. Very nice. 

Humvee Replacement Jeep GMV Ultra Light Combat Vehicle

It is no secret the Humvee is being phased out. That is the main reason I have been able to purchase my Humvees from auctions. 


The HMMWV is being phased out of production due to many reasons. However there still exist a niche for small light vehicles. This concept is being tested right now by Special Forces units. It is based on a production Wrangler Rubicon that has been heavily modified removing the body and engine before being outfitted with a full roll cage, and seating for 9 soldiers. 


I made a short video based on the images I took of the vehicle at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. 

At the 2016 NAIAS or better known as the Detroit Auto Show I stumbled upon this heavily modified 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK. There are 20 of these vehicles currently in testing and are actually serving right now in the middle east for special forces. 


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The vehicle is made by Hendrick Dynamics. A spin off of the NASCAR racing team.  It has a 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine in place of the standard Pentastar V6. Onboard air system, Blackout lights, and helicopter lift points. 


Parts for my M1008 CUCV on eBay I have used:


Free Military Government Downloadable Manuals in PDF form section and paint codes

This is a place marker while this site is under construction. I will include downloadable manuals royalty and copyright free for the HMMWV, CUCV, M1101 and M1102 trailers. 

Below are a few of the lids to my military paint colors. I purchased this paint at Home Depot. You can get yours by going to the paint section and telling the employee you would like a competitor match for Federal Standard Brand and the number is 34094 for Green, 30051 for Brown, 37030 for black, 33446 for desert tan. You will then have to specify latex, flat sheen, exterior grade paint, and which line of Behr Premum Plus paint you want. 


A much easier way is to show the worker these actual lid stickers. They will enter the serial number at the bottom of the image and create the exact color of paint. Dont worry when the new sticker comes out with a different number on the sticker as each can will be different. The color will be spot on.


I would love to know what you are working on. So feel free to contact me to share a picture of your work with these paints. 

Federal Standard 34094 Green
Federal Standard 30051 Brown
Federal Standard 37030 Black
Federal Standard 33446 Tan

Off Road 4x4 adventures and travels section

This is a place marker while this site is under construction. I will include information about my experience in Big Bend Nation Park, Moab UT, driving in snow, and more.