Press Releases - For Immediate Release

New Clients

Richard Clayborn December 2015


My new site has brought in a lot of new clients for which I am thankful. Residential Chimney repairs, Roof Truss repairs, Tilt up building repairs, Floor Joist underdesigned in new homes, Crane Carts, you name it. In fact sometime the work is more than I can handle at a time so I will reach out to other qualified firms for referral. Check back in the future to see my progress. Be sure to leave feedback if you have any. 

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Consultant Services

Richard Clayborn February 2015


After a couple of months of consideration, I have just turned down the co-ownership of a small DOT construction inspection firm. I have decided my design strengths reside in this business and I will continue to focus my efforts here and grow this company. 

Civil Engineer
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