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As a Contractor many people ask me how much would it cost to build a Pole Barn. Instead of responding to each in inquiry individually I decided it would be best to create this page to help not only my clients but also you to navigate the subject.


If you are looking for even a general SF cost of metal buildings you need to first make sure your supplier is quoting like kind. Sometime people see the low prices advertised in the back of a magazine and then forget about extras such as their site grading and clearing, running utilities, number of windows and doors and dont understand the difference in terms they have heard such as Pole Barn vs Pre-Engineered Metal Building. So I hope to clarify that below.  


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings, All Steel Buildings

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are typically found in Industrial parks. They use an all steel frame with steel columns, purlins, girts, and metal wall sheets and are usually insulated. They may be finished with a number of exterior treatments such as Brick, Contrasting Metal Siding, Stucco, or any combination.


These buildings will require a state licensed Professional Engineer to  seal permit drawings and the building department to issue an appropriate permit to begin construction. They may or may not have a liner panel which is a wall sheet on the interior of the walls protecting the insulation from cuts and debris. Pre-Engineered metal buildings will typically require the use of a concrete slab and significant footing design due to extremely light weight construction, larger sizes, and rigid materials making wind uplift a major design obstacle. 

Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Commercial Steel Buildings
Pole Barn Plans

Pole Barns, Post Frame Buildings

Pole Barns are usually found in suburban or rural residential applications. They are used as small workshops, storage spaces, or for animal barns. They are usually much less expensive than Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and it is not uncommon to leave the  floor unfinished with compacted aggregate or bare soils.


The frame is made of square wood columns such as 6” x 6” post, horizontal 2" x 4" girts line the walls and allow the thinner gauge metal  wall sheets a place to be secured to, and have factory made wood trusses not unlike many track homes.  Pole Barns often have no interior moisture barrier or insulation and may cause condensation on the inside of the building. 


Pole Barns have a less significant footing system depending on the local building codes and zoning that could be as simple as a post in the ground. The codes can be so simple becasue many of these buildings were originally zoned agricultural and the potential for loss of human life is significantly less than if used as a community center and generally has  significantly less restrictive building requirements.  

Pole Barn Construction Cost

Because of the variables involved above there are significant price ranges for the same sized pole barn building envelope or square feet. Many owners choose to build their own pole barns with the help of 2 or 3 friends. So their costs per SF may include the materials and a few rental fees for post hole digging, removing top soils, scaffolding and utilities resulting in a finished price as low as .


For instance a larger 50’ x 100' materials only building can be purchased for as low as $6 Per SF. Smaller pole barn buildings may cost more up to $10 per SF. Open sided structures may cost less. For foundation add $4-$8 per SF and for professional construction add $8-$10 per SF. 


Pre Engineered commercial buildings of the smallest size and professional construction start around $65 per SF but would come down in price if called appropriately.  


Base building: $6-$12 / SF | Foundation: $5-$10 / SF | Construction Cost: $3-$10 / SF | Driveway, Utilities, Clearing are Extra



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