December 13, 2015


Things change. Businesses must align with this change. A process effective decades ago may be too inefficient for todays technology and pace and may in fact get in the way of resolving problems at their lowest level. The result is over work for middle managers having to make decisions that have sat in their computer while contractors and staff await a decision. 


One of my mentors Dr Tom stated that leadership means change and...

December 7, 2015

First you must be willing to hire a consultant strong in what you are weak in with enough character to represent your interests. This is a challenge on small projects where there is temptation save money due to a small budget.  


There is a saying that goes as follows; a smart person learns from their experience but a genius learns from others. Hiring a consultant who has experience in what you are about to do is a great way to...

August 16, 2015

I just visited a project of mine today as the bridge deck was being poured. You can see in this image the automated concrete finishing machine, the concrete pump truck, the two mats of reinforcing steel used for support over the concrete beams and steel deck pans.