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As a Contractor many people call the office and ask me how much would it cost to remodel their bathroom. Instead of responding to each in inquiry individually I decided it would be best to create this page to help not only my clients but anyone looking to remodel in Louisville.


For even a basic discussion make sure your quoting like kind in both materials and workmanship. Insist on a line item estimate. This will protect you should you wish to increase or decrease an item. Otherwise you have no bargaining power over the contractor should a changed condition arise from your preference or an unforseen issue. Without seeing where his charges are coming from a contractor can markup the work changed excessively to increase overall project profit even though the change was might have been a minor one. Additionally clever marketers often exclude major items to purposefully move their service in front of legitimate bids. Without comparing bids line item by line item you would never know. 


Sometimes people see the low prices advertised in the back of a magazine or website and then forget about extras such as their finishes, lighting, relocated plumbing stacks, number of windows and doors and dont understand the difference in terms they have heard. So I hope to clarify the subject for you in the article below.  


Bathroom Remodeling in Louisville KY

Bathroom Remodel Ideas in Louisville KY


Remodeling your bathroom is a big investment of both time and money. The right Louisville KY bathroom remodeling contractor can help you get the job done right the first time. The right professional will usually complete your project for less money and far fewer headaches than you hiring a neighbor or friend under a professional budget to start a project that later needs another contractor to correct. Don't ask!


Believe me, in our companies 65 years of operation we have been called upon a lot to finish projects amateurs started. Vast experience gives anyone the ability to tackle the foreseen and the unforeseen problems that may happen during the renovation process, often in advance, and being known they are usually included your the bid up front. This is why it is important to consider the value of a contractor instead of the price alone because you never know what was left out of the bid to make it less expensive. 


The following are some points to consider on your Louisville KY bathroom remodels;



  • High quality and professional finish


Do you want quartz, slate, or marble? What color fixtures would you like? An expert will restore your bathroom to a brand new bathing facility by identifying the favorite upgrades of fit and finish available. Whether it is adding a floating vanity or installing beautiful patterned tile flooring, your bathroom’s style “must” be improved. A floating vanity transforms the room into a larger, open, more airy space, increasing visual real estate the whole family can enjoy.



  • Satisfaction and User-Experience


A professional bathroom remodeler will ensure an enhanced layout that improves user experience. Was the motivation of the remodel? Was it to improve storage with better builtins? Add lighting? Or if this is a spare bathroom maybe you are looking to add visual interest too. Taking tiles beyond the flooring adds glamour and some sparkle. The contractor has the necessary skills to install complex patterned backlashes of colored mosaic tiles and make the spacing and off fall appear more natural instead of small tiles lining a joint with a wall.



  • Suitability


A professional bathroom remodeler is competent in making informed design decisions based on the need of each homeowner. For instance, senior homeowners may look for simplified ADA accessible features to allow aging in place. These individuals benefit from no ledge showers with additional floor drains.



  • Reliability


Professional remodelers are insured and warrant their work. This adds value to your home should you ever choose to sell. Should there be a problem or even a concern they will still be around decades after the sale and are also quite helpful when it comes to giving advice for cleaning products. 


Experienced bathroom remodelers in Louisville KY will allow you to relax and not worry about your construction project.


After all isn't relaxing the reason you chose to have your bathroom remodeled?

Bathroom Remodel Louisville
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Bathroom Remodel Plans

Bathroom Remodel Construction Cost

Because of the many unique variables involved there are significant price ranges for normal sized bathroom remodels. When was your home constructed? If it was built within the last 10 years it may have used PEX piping to supply the fixtures and is easily spliced, 20 years ago copper was dominate and is second easiest to splice, if you home was built over 70 years ago galvanized pipe was dominate and will likely require complete replacement. Bottom line the newer the home the less moderizing of supply and drainage that will have to take place and the more efficient the construciton remodel will be resulting in savings. However the older the home the more the upgrade increases the homes value to the marketplace for future resell.  


Leading industry experts put a complete bathroom remodel starting cost at around $18,000 for a professional installation. Labor only accounts for 20% of this number meaning the largest impact to budget it the materials chosen for your project. Home owners on a DIY budget can complete a simple cosmetic upgrade project for as cheap as $2,000. But when you realize how little labor exists in a major remodel the more it make sense to use a contractor who will clean up the mess, be responsbile to ensure everything is correct, take care of ordering materials, and leave the project turn key maybe your efforts are better spent elsewhere. 



DIY Bathroom Remodel: $3k |Remodeling Contractor Bathroom: $6k-$18k |  Luxury Bathroom Remodel: $30k-$100k




Where whould you like your bathroom remodeled?


Give us a call to discuss your project in you are based in AL Alabama, AZ Arizona, AR Arkansas, CA California, CO Colorado, CT Connecticut, DE Delaware, FL Florida, GA Georgia, ID Idaho, IL Illinois, IN Indiana, IA Iowa, KS Kansas, KY Kentucky, LA Louisiana, ME Maine, MD Maryland, MA Massachusetts, MI Michigan, MN Minnesota, MS Mississippi, MO Missouri, MT Montana, NE Nebraska, NV Nevada, NH New Hampshire, NJ New Jersey, NM New Mexico, NY New York, NC North Carolina, ND North Dakota, OH Ohio, OK Oklahoma, OR Oregon, PA Pennsylvania, PR Puerto Rico, RI Rhode Island, SC South Carolina, SD South Dakota, TN Tennessee, TX Texas, UT Utah, VT Vermont, VA Virginia,  WV West Virginia, WI Wisconsin, WY Wyoming 



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